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Rubella (German measles) is a disease that is easily spread to others and is caused by a virus. Most people who get rubella have mild symptoms such as a rash and fever. Rubella is spread to others through direct contact or droplet contact (sneezing or coughing). People infected with rubella should tell their family, friends, coworkers and especially anyone they know who is pregnant. This disease is very dangerous for pregnant women and can cause congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). Pregnant women who become sick with rubella are at risk for miscarriage, stillbirth, or birth defects for their developing baby. The best protection against rubella is vaccination.


For information on how to report a disease click here. For any questions, please contact the appropriate health authority by phone or review the website for additional information.

Carson City, Douglas and Lyon Counties
Carson City Health & Human Services (CCHHS)
(775) 887-2190

Clark County
Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD)
(702) 759-1300

Washoe County
Washoe County Health District (WCHD)
(775) 328-2447

All Other Counties
Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH)
(775) 400-0333