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CDC, FDA and Poison Control are investigating potential illness associated with consumption of Diamond Shruumz brand chocolate bars, cones and gummies.

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Informatics & Health Information Systems

Our Informatics and Health Information Systems program stands at the forefront of public health innovation, leveraging advanced technology to enhance surveillance, coordination, and response efforts. Through initiatives such as interoperability solutions, electronic case reporting, and integration of electronic laboratory reports, we streamline data exchanges, empower healthcare providers through data modernization, and strengthen our capacity to monitor and address public health threats effectively. Our flagship system, EpiTrax, serves as a powerful tool for active and passive surveillance and data reporting, enabling us to track disease trends, detect outbreaks, and allocate resources strategically to safeguard community health. Grounded in a commitment to collaboration and data-driven decision-making, our program is dedicated to building healthier communities through the transformative power of informatics and health information systems.

Electronic Case Reporting

Through electronic case reporting (eCR) initiatives, we streamline the process of disease surveillance, case detection, and reporting. Our electronic case reporting systems enable healthcare providers to submit timely and accurate case reports, enhancing our ability to monitor disease trends, detect outbreaks, and implement targeted interventions.  Using eCR data will reduce the need faxed morbidity reports, streamlining the public health investigation system. 

Electronic Laboratory Reporting

Our team facilitates the integration of electronic laboratory reporting (ELR) into our public health surveillance systems, allowing for the timely and automated reporting of laboratory test results. ELR automates a large portion of the reporting process by translating the information in a laboratory system into an electronic message that can be automatically sent to and processed by the public health agency. By leveraging ELR data, we enhance our capacity to monitor disease prevalence, track laboratory-confirmed cases, and assess the effectiveness of public health interventions.


EpiTrax serves as our cornerstone public health surveillance system, empowering us to monitor and respond to emerging health threats effectively. EpiTrax enables us to conduct active and passive surveillance, track disease trends, identify hotspots, and deploy resources where they are needed most to protect community health.

Syndromic Surveillance

Our syndromic surveillance systems analyze real-time data from various sources, including emergency department visits to detect patterns of illness and find potential outbreaks early. By monitoring syndromic data, we can quickly respond to emerging health threats and implement proactive measures to mitigate their impact.


Nevada’s Authority for Epidemiology

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