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Viral Hepatitis Surveillance and Prevention

Primary activities of the Viral Hepatitis Surveillance and Prevention Program include development and implementation of a case management program to provide testing partner counseling and referral health education, patient assessment, assistance with insurance enrollment, facilitation of support groups, vaccination against HAV/HAB, and medical follow-up to specialty care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and hospice care and other health care services. Additionally, the program provides hepatitis education and outreach activities and regularly updates the Hepatitis State Plan and the Nevada Hepatitis Resource Directory.

Viral Hepatitis Surveillance and Prevention

Program Topics

Mission and Vision
  • The mission of the Nevada Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program is to facilitate a coordinated, comprehensive, culturally appropriate and systematic approach to prevent the spread of viral hepatitis in Nevada, limit the progression and complications of hepatitis-related liver disease, and advocate for hepatitis policies and resources. Nevada receives Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funding to support this work through Integrated Viral Hepatitis Surveillance and Prevention Funding for Health Departments (CDC-RFA-PS21-2103). 
  • The vision for hepatitis prevention and control is a coordinated local and statewide effort supported by public and private partnerships providing comprehensive, evidence-based hepatitis services that assure:
    • Reduction in the number of new hepatitis infections and hepatitis-related deaths;
    • Collection and analysis of hepatitis data and dissemination of findings to stakeholders;
    • Education of patients, providers, policymakers and the public about hepatitis; and
    • Affordable and accessible hepatitis counseling, screening, education, treatment, harm reduction and prevention efforts are available to all person in need.
The Nevada Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program is Dedicated to:
  • Increasing public awareness of the impact of hepatitis;
  • Improving the quality of life for those who are affected by hepatitis;
  • Reducing the disparities in hepatitis care that exist in racial and socio-economic segments of Nevada’s population;
  • Reducing the burdens imposed by hepatitis;
  • Building hepatitis capacity and competency into Nevada’s public health infrastructure;
  • Modifying Nevada’s health care systems to better meet the needs of people with hepatitis; and 
  • Developing new approaches to reduce the hepatitis burden in our state
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