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Disease Reporting

Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) Chapter 441A authorizes the Nevada State Board of Health to adopt regulations governing the control of communicable diseases in the state of Nevada.

The State Board of Health’s regulations governing the control of communicable diseases are found in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 441A. These regulations mandate that health care providers, laboratories, medical facilities, schools, child care facilities, correctional facilities, blood banks, and insurers are required to report cases of communicable diseases to the health authority. 

On December 10, 2023 the Nevada Legislative Commission passed amendments to NAC 441A which can be found here while formal codification is pending.

Health care providers, medical facilities, schools, childcare facilities, correctional facilities, and blood banks are required to report to the health authority having jurisdiction where the office of the health care provider or the facility is located. Health care provider includes physicians, nurses, veterinarians, physician assistants or pharmacists.

For medical laboratories located outside of Nevada performing tests on residents of Nevada, reporting to the Nevada Chief Medical Officer is required. For medical laboratories located within the state of Nevada, reporting to the health authority having jurisdiction where the office of the health care provider is located is required. Electronic laboratory reporting for medical laboratories is the preferred option to meet the reporting requirements for both in state and out of state labs. Medical laboratories with questions about reporting electronically should contact

How to Report

Medical laboratories should report through electronic laboratory reporting whenever possible. Health care providers and laboratories without the ability to report electronically must complete the State of Nevada Confidential Morbidity Report Form and fax the completed form to the appropriate health authority. For any questions, please contact the appropriate health authority by phone or review the website for additional information.

Health Authorities in Nevada

Health AuthorityCounty(ies)Disease Reporting PhoneDisease Reporting FaxDisease Reporting Website
Carson City Health & Human ServicesCarson City
(775) 887-2190(775) 887-2138Website
Central Nevada Health DistrictChurchill
(775) 866-7535(877) 513-3442Website
Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health Rural Health ServicesElko
White Pine
(775) 400-0333(775)684-5999Website
Southern Nevada Health DistrictClark(702) 759-1300(702) 759-1414Website 
Northern Nevada Public HealthWashoe(775) 328-2447(775) 328-3764Website